Cuisine for every palate…

Indian_spiceThe Food in India
Indian food is wonderful, but it is full of spices that may challenge you if you are not used to it.

There are plenty of restaurants that offer Western style dishes, including the one right in our hotel. You can choose to eat at our hotel. I will also recommend some of the more reputable restaurants in Rishikesh for when you are out exploring.

Honoring Your Unique Diet
Vegetarian food is abundant in Rishikesh, as it is considered a holy city. Vegans may find avoiding dairy products a bit more challenging but with mindfulness it can be done and there are several vegan friendly eateries in the area.

You should be able to find just about any type of food. The restaurant at our hotel has a huge menu with everything you can imagine and you should not have difficulty finding foods that speak to your unique needs. Please let us know if you have any concerns about your diet.

Drinking Water
marketIt is essential that you NEVER drink tap water in India. There are amoebas in the water that Westerners do not have immunity to  It can make you very sick. Bottled water is available at our hotel, as well as in just about every shop in Rishikesh.

Some environmentally conscious travelers may prefer to bring water filtration kits, which can be found at any camping supply store. This reduces the number of plastic bottles you will leave in India. (Sadly, there is only limited recycling.) If you are using a water filtration kit, make sure it is suitable for purifying the water in developing countries- many camping filters are not.

Our hotels offer clean, friendly restaurants with extensive menus including Indian, American, Italian and Asian cuisine. To give you the flexibility to explore the many fine dining establishments in Rishikesh & Delhi and to better accommodate your unique diet, meals are NOT included.  The average meal in India is generally less than $2 (USD)