The Centers for Disease Control recommends a number of vaccines when traveling in India. You can review their current recommendations HERE.  You should also discuss vaccinations with your doctor to evaluate which ones are right for you given your own unique health needs.

Delhi Belly
Delhi Belly seems to be a rite of passage for many traveling in India. It can be as mild as a bout of gas or as uncomfortable as extreme dysentery. We will provide guidelines for avoiding this, but you may want to pack some over-the-counter medications, as well as Ciprofloxacin or another broad spectrum  antibiotic based on your doctor’s advice. Most likely you won’t need antibiotics, but it is wise as well as comforting to be prepared in case you do.

Malaria outbreaks are very rare in India and are generally in areas very far from where we will be traveling. Because the side effects of anti-malaria medication can be harsh, travelers to Northern India usually choose not to take it. Still, you will want to discuss this with your doctor in order to make an informed decision.