Should you need to keep in touch with loved ones, You have a number of options.  While India’s technology infrastructure is a few years behind many western countries, keeping in touch is quit simple.

Mobile Phones
Your mobile phone will likely work in India, but roaming charges for voice and data are substantial.  Most people turn off their cellular roaming feature and use wifi instead.

Our hotel has wifi access in the lobby and there are internet cafes all over New Delhi and Rishikesh, so you can plan to email friends and family, post photos of your adventure and even use Skype to call home.

Calling cards and STD phones are available at our hotel and throughout India at many convenience stores.

Time Difference
Depending where you hail from, there can be a significant time zone difference between India and home. For example, when it is noon in New York, it will be 9:30 PM in India. For reference, please visit: The World Clock Time Zones