In order to travel to India, you will need a valid passport from the country in which you reside and a visa issued from the Indian government.

You must have your passport with you at all times while in India and it must be valid for lido-passport-open-on-sidethe entire time you plan to be there.  Each time you check into a hotel or book travel within India, you will also need your passport in hand.  United States residents can apply for a passport HERE.  While residents of other countries will need to check with their.

Indian Visa
You will also need a special stamp inside your passport issued by the Indian government known as a visa.  The good news is that getting an Indian Visa—previously a nerve-wracking endeavor, recently became much easier with the new ‘visa on arrival program’  which allow residents of many western countries to simply apply for their visa online and then have their passport stamped once they arrive in New Delhi.    Learn more about this convenient program and apply for your Indian visa HERE one month before you arrive in India.

TIP:  To avoid delays in getting your visa approved be sure to apply for a tourist visa.  Also, any association with Pakistan or identifying yourself as a journalist, writer or reporter will slow down the process considerably.