yoga + meditation

March 27-April 5th, 2015
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Salutations to the Sun
Each morning, we will greet the day with a spiritual practice consisting of yoga poses (asana), yogic breathing (pranayama) and meditation (raja yoga). Following breakfast, we will venture out to experience India. Some days will include group site seeing activities, and other days there will be free time for shopping, classes, practicing by the river, and mingling with the locals. During free time you are welcome to venture out alone, or in small groups, and find whatever activities appeal to you.

Evening activities will include chanting, meditation, and the amazing Aarti ceremony by the river.

The Streets of Rishikesh are filled with Swamis, Yogis, Sadus, holy men and women and Hindu Saints who are always willing to chat with spiritual seeker from distant lands.

At the Feet of the Master
In Rishikesh, there are hundreds of schools and ashrams (monasteries) offering classes in just about every aspect of Indian spirituality, including asana work, pranayama, meditation, Sanskrit, ayurveda, chanting and much more.

Darren will provide you with a guide to Rishikesh to help you get the most from your retreat. In addition, you may want to purchase the book, From Here to Nirvana: A Spiritual Guide to India.



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